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The Sensation of Tabloids

While looking for information on self-publishing, I cam across this article:

Start Your Own Magazine

There’s a lot of really great information in this piece! For example, I had NO idea that 9 out of 10 new magazines fail. Or that roughly 1,000 magazines are launched every year.

Right now I’m doing an internship at the Laurel Mountain Post, which looks like a magazine, but also has a lot of the characteristics of a newsletter…most likely because it’s local. It still amazes me that this magazine is free. This magazine is, for the most part a one-woman show. Cathi Gerhard accepts submissions and there are a lot of people that write stuff for every issue, but Cathi puts together the layouts, edits, prints, etc. independently. As her intern, I’m seeing first hand what self-publishing a magazine is like. I help her proofread all the articles, and I also contribute articles, work on the community calendar, and help with the copy editing. There is SO much to do to make every issue happen–and getting people to submit their articles on time is a major pain the the butt (I know it would be different with a major publication).

You could almost say that the Laurel Mountain Post is like a tabloid. ALMOST. It appeals to a certain demographic, but covers a broad range of topics, so there’s something for everyone. There’s a lot about local happenings and people, which is what supermarket tabloids are really all about (minus the local part!).


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